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it begins
Unfortunaly all the pictures of the metal work were lost when my computer crashed, the earliest pics i have are of the stripping of the paint

it starts by appliing a health coat of a good chemical stripper
these are the strippers i used on the car, mainly I used the one called Jasco, it works really great and gets off almost to bare metal. I then came in with and angle grinder with a wire brush attachment, then a dual action sander to smooth it out.
The hood
I always noticed that the shape of the front of the hood was never right, well I found out right away when i stripped the hood and found a huge patch of bondo on the hood, I am going to try to just smooth out the bondo, becausej I am going to get a fiberglass hood from harwood.
The paint
I an using sherwin-williams top of the line paint. This is the self-etching primer. It is a sort of olive green color.

Paint on the car
Side View

The hood

Here I am wet sanding the primer, I started with 320 then 400 and finally 600.

The body is finished being sanded.