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Fuel System
The original plan was to use a stock camaro fuel tank and line; we even bought a new tank and sending unit. However we eventually decided to use a fuel cell because this car will be raced and it will need the added protection of a fuel cell. It also is foam filled and has a built in sump. The only problem with using a fuel cell is that it takes up a lot of space in the trunk. I did not want to sacrifice that room. So I built a box for the tank so that it would sit about 5 inches lower. I also replace the stock 3/8-in. line with 1/2-in. aluminum line. and braided 8 -AN is used every where else.

Fuel Pan
It's kinda dark, but you can make out the fuel cell pan. I cut a hole in the trunk pan and slid it in. Then I ran a bead of weld around it.
Painted and sealed
This is the pan painted and sealed. I used silicon to seal the edge of the pan to keep water out of the trunk.
Fuel cell in
This is the 16 gal. foam filled fuel cell. It fit really nice in the trunk and takes up alot less space.