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Welcome To My Home Page
Welcome to my Site following the restoration of a 1969 Z/28 Camaro. OK it not a Z/28 it's just a clone. There're some old pics of the orginal Camaro some where around my house and I will post them as soon as i can find them. I'm not restoring this car to factory perfection, it will mainly be used on the drag strip or road coarse. With the current modifications planed it should run low 12s or high 11s
Site Updates
12/9/04 once again school has taken over and i find myself with very little free time. i'll have some more time during the holidays to work on a new site. winter projects include finishing the 383, sub frame connectors, and maybe a mini-tub
10/4/04 i started working on my new website, look for a new site in about a month
6/29/04 wow its been awhile, this whole 6 or 7 months have been a big blur. starting january was my last semester at high school, with finals and filling out college applications i have been really busy. as of now the car is finised being painted and it looks great. I am building a new 383 engine for it. I have run out of room on my current website. I am trying to learn how to use microsoft front page, so check back for when the new site is up. it will still be the same address though.
9/17/03 pics of the final primer added
8/20/03 Body work pics added
5/7/03 fuel cell pics added
3/10/03 Modified the menu to make moving around the site easier. Added pics of sub-Frame reassembly
1/14/03 Happy New Year! Sorry if I haven't updated In awhile, I just have been really busy with the holidys. The under body of the camaro is painted and the front suspension is about to be assembled. I will be tweaking the site so watch out for updates.

11/18/02 frame painting pics added
11/13/02 frame cleaning rebuild pics added
10/25/02 suspension rebuild and restoration pics added
8/27/02 more pic uploaded
2/20/02 added Pics of Camaro
2/10/02 Site is up and running

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Hopefully our Camaro will look like this some day

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