Sub frame restoration
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Well it started simple...
Rebuild the front suspension, simple project right? Well as usual there are no such things as a simple projects. I hated to bolt the nice tubular control arms to that crusty frame. Before I knew it the front end of the camaro was completely torn apart. The sub frame will be sand blasted and painted in Eastwoods chassis black. The fire wall and under body will also be cleaned and repainted. I will also fix some minor rust on the lower portion of the right fender.

It starts with the removal of the grill

You can see the hood in the back ground. That will be replace with a fiberglass hood from Unlimited Products.

There goes the left fender and inner fender.

This engine compartment is going to need alot of work.
So thats what that noise was.
Look what was living (or at least used to be)in the lower portion of the left fender. This explains all of those pecan shells in the engine compartment. Note: if you can't tell what it is, it's a squirrel.

Radiator core support removed.

Pile of sheet metal.