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Here are some pics of the frame cleaning and some of our new shop equipment.

The sandblaster
This is a Clarke brand 20 gallon sandblaster. It works great.
My sandblasting setup
I set up a sandblasting area behind my garage. The blue tarp it to contain all the sand so I can recycle it.
The frame after a partial sandblasting.
I would have had the frame completely sandblasted, but the sandblaster messed up and I had to quit.
Close up
I was really suprised at how well the sanblaster took of over 30 years worth of grease, dirt, sand and undercoating. For the thicker parts I had to first give it a good scraping with a puddy knife.
The new compresser
I love this compressor. It replaces a sears 3hp 12 gallon. This is a 7hp 60 gallon, it will do about 12 cfm. That plenty of air for me.
The new Shop Press
A 20 ton shop press fro Harbor freigth tools. This is great for removing and installing piston pins, bushings, and pullys. This come in real handy during the front end rebuild.
This is some of the paint that I bought from Eastwood Co. the chassis black will be for the frame. The metal wash is to clean the frame prior to painting. Also we bought some engine paint and Glyptol to paint the lifter vally to aid in oil return.